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Ultimate Extract and Recover

The Ultimate Extract and Recover continues the legend of Unrar Extract And Recover
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18 December 2013

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1.Works with RAR 5 format archives and the previous versions
2.Can identify when an encrypted archive is corrupt or the password used is not correct
for version 5 archives, and is probably THE ONLY APPLICATION that can do the same for
the previous RAR versions (older than version 5)
3. Unattended operation. Extracts or Verifies without the user's attention.
Just press the Go button and use your time for something else.
Upon completion you will be presented with the outcome of the operation , statistics and detailed Log files. It works for you so you can spend your valuable time in something else more productive
4. Very simple to use GUI-interface, you can start a new operation with just 3 clicks !
5. Batch extraction of .RAR compressed archives
6. Automated file integrity validation :
Batch check your files for errors (CRC check,missing parts,wrong format,bad format,corrupted archive,wrong password)
7 Password recovery.
Can retrieve the password by using the dictionary approach.Give it a word list and it will attempt all words against the archive.
Once it retrieves the password it can optionally continue with extracting the archive
8. Recursion, get into nested sub directories and extract
This means that all your all RAR files can be organized into nested sub directories of any depth.
The application will then start processing from the TOP directory and get into ALL sub directories to process the files
9. Support for Unicode paths/directories
10. Support for processing Unicode file names. No more constrained by the System Default code page (ANSI)
11. Support for Unicode passwords
Unicode compatibility with the latest version of Winrar 4.20. This means that Unicode passwords are guaranteed to work with RAR files created with Winrar version 4.2 or higher
12. Optimizations for faster execution

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